Kenya Defence Force bribery scandal

Kenya Defence Force bribery scandal

The Department of Defence in October 2010, uncovered a bribery scandal involving senior Kenya Defence Force Officers in a corrupt deal for the purchase of armoured personnel carriers from South African company OTT Technologies (Pty) Ltd for a sum of Sh1.6 billion. Several high-ranking officers accused of taking bribes by OTT Technologies (Pty) Ltd, were retired by the Minister of Defence Yusuf Haji in January 2011.

This matter was referred to the parliament for further investigation. A Report on Military Modernization Programmes by the Departmental Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations released in The September 2012, found that the irregular procurement of the PUMA M26 armoured carriers had violated multiple sections of the Public Procurement Act 2005 and that OTT Technologies (Pty) Ltd’s business partners in Kenya had been identified by the US Government as being involved in international crime and drugs smuggling.

It was recommended that OTT Technologies (Pty) Ltd be barred from doing any business with the Government of Kenya in the future. The same company, in 2014 was accused by the Mozambique government for irregular tax and export control activities in the transport of similar armoured carriers through Mozambique for onward trafficking into Africa.

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